Same great taste, better price!

With more than 5 years of technology and experience, we serve the North American market, bringing our customers the advantage of acquiring an excellent product with the best cost to benefit ratio.

Our goal is to continue working, to develop more products with the same quality and durability that our clients deserve!

Cuore Ovens is project with high quality material and a design that generates high, even temperatures for balanced cooking, which makes our ovens extremely efficient and practical.

Genuinely great pizza requires temperatures that conventional ovens can’t reach. Cuore Oven can reach temperatures of 800ºF , the optimal temperature for cooking a thin, crispy base and perfectly charred artisan crust pizzas.

Ask any chef,
a wood-fired oven imparts a richness of flavor, texture and aroma to food no other type of oven can. That's why wood-fired ovens provide the ultimate gourmet cooking experience, perfect for gathering your friends and family together around some great food. Problem is, they used to be very expensive.

Not anymore!

CUORE Ovens is proud to introduce the CUORE 1000 Plus Wood-Fired Oven Kit, an excellently designed, affordable, no-compromise product designed to bring top gourmet cooking to your home. Through a smart blend of materials and careful craftsmanship, together with tried-and-true, traditional oven design, our kit will give you, your family and your friends unending hours of sharing fun – and the best food, too!