What are the Cuore 1000 Plus dimensions and weight?

You can download a pdf flyer with the dimensions and more info right here.

Does this oven cook pizza only?

Absolutely not! Fish, poultry, meats, breads, cakes, pies... you name it. In this oven you can cook anything you would cook in a regular oven, only incredibly better and tastier, and that's an understatement.

What is the lifetime of my oven?

When installed and used properly, there is no limit.

How do I clean my oven?

You don't. Actually, you don't have to. Because of the very high temperatures achieved, it is practically self-cleaning and self-sterylizing. You only have to sweep the ashes out. But you may use a damp - not wet! - cloth on sturdier spots when it's cool. The flue (chymney), however, will require cleaning with a flue brush once a year or so, depending on the frequency of use, because of creosote buildup. 

Can I use the pallet wood as fuel?

No, because the pallet wood is treated with pest control products due to international commerce sanitary legislation. You should only use good quality seasoned and dried hardwood as fuel. Ash, beech, oak and most fruit woods will perform beautifully. Wood quality is directly related to oven temperature and food flavor.  

Do you need a solid flat base for?

Yes, it needs a solid base, preferably concrete or stone. This oven is rather heavy (for a large thermal mass), around 700 pounds. For more information you can download the manual or watch this assembly video Cuore 1000 assembly video.