CUORE 1000 Plus Wood-Fired Oven Kit

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The CUORE 1000 Plus Wood-Fired Oven Kit is designed to be the heart and core of your gourmet wood-fired oven.

It consists of 17 refractory prefabricated parts plus the oven door, steel belts and tensioners, a built-in flue damper, a thermal insulation blanket and a thermometer. Designed for fast and easy assembly, it provides excellent performance throughout a very long service life.

The CUORE 1000 Plus Wood-Fired Oven Kit can be finished in almost any imaginable way, always blending perfectly with your decor. With our comprehensive step-by-step instructions and a minimum of hands-on building experience, you can install it yourself or hire someone to do it, as you prefer.


• New high-performance refractory materials 
• Included insulating blanket and door 
• Included thermometer and flue damper 
• Larger, trapezoidal mouth for better access 
• Larger chimney for better flow and longer maintenance intervals 
• Smooth floor totally clad in refractory bricks 
• Fully steel-belted for integrity and solidity 
• Even better thermal performance for great cooking 


Cuore 1000 Plus model:
Cuore 1000 Plus Assembly Manual
Cuore 1000 Plus Operation Manual
Cuore 1000 Plus flyer with specs - updated 03-25-2019
Building oven stands (PDF)

Cuore 1000 model:
Cuore 1000 Assembly and Operation Manual
Cuore 1000 flyer with specs
Cuore 1000 PDF file for projects
Cuore 1000 DWG file for projects
Cuore 1000 assembly video

Cuore Chimney Parts & Kits

We will be most pleased to help you find the best chimney solution for your CUORE Oven project!.

 We carry a comprehensive line of chimney parts and kits to fit your particular installation needs. Adapters, elbows, caps, we can provide whatever you need to finish your CUORE Oven in great style!

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